Ayurvedic Beauty Care

Healing with Ayurveda is a very effect concept. Ayurvedic beauty care treatment is totally natural and delivers best of results. There is no side effect of the ingredients used in the Ayurvedic beauty products. If you have a proper diet and follow a balanced lifestyle – you shall definitely be able to achieve good health and beauty. With Ayurvedic beauty treatment, your body and soul becomes complete. The inner beauty of an individual is reflected on the appearance. The rejuvenation therapy of ayurveda does have lots to unfold to the users.

The rejuvenation therapy in ayurveda makes you naturally beautiful, not only the beauty of the body but also of the soul. This beauty shall remain with you life long. Make your lifestyle change and feel the difference. Your happiness, gloomy state, relaxation – all these aspects are clearly brought out by Ayurveda and it cannot be disguised by cosmetics. The basic principles of Ayurveda stresses on internal beauty. In Ayurveda beauty care you do not need any external cosmetics or beauty products to help you look beautiful. Believe in yourself and follow the process and your needs shall be well taken care of.

Ayurvedic beauty products, ointments, lubricants – they all form the main component of an ayurveda beauty care treatment. The ayurveda beauty skin care encompasses an entire makeover of the skin – removing all the blemishes and dark spots from your skin and making it glow with radiance.

Ayurvedic beauty care deals with

  • Increasing hair growth
  • Improving eye sight
  • Foot care
  • Keeping the body fit.

Ayurveda beauty tips remove all the toxic wastes from the body making it fresh and rejuvenating. They also help you to get mental peace and tranquility. Happiness and calmness is what you experience and you can easily leave behind all worries, tension and miseries.

Simple secrets of Ayurvedic beauty care

  1. You have to mix equal proportions of cucumber juice with rose water and lime juice. First wash your face and apply it overnight. Rinse it off in the morning. This will keep the complexion clear and healthy.
  2. Take 50 ml. of raw (not boiled) milk and put a pinch of salt with two teaspoonful of lime juice. It is an effective cleansing lotion – helping to clean the deep pores of the skin.
  3. 50 ml. of tomato juice with one teaspoon of lemon juice – this mixture helps to make the skin soft and glowing.
  4. Equal quantities of turmeric powder with wheat flour, mixed with sesame oil will help you remove unwanted hair from your face.
  5. Orange juice makes the face smooth and the skin turns soft and supple.
  6. Apply mint juice regularly to remove any kind of stains.

Ayurvedic Beauty Care

  • Ayurvedic Hair Care
  • Ayurvedic Day Spa
  • Ayurvedic Home Remedies
  • Ayurvedic Herbal Plants
  • Ayurvedic Hair Growth

Ayurvedic Hair Care

Want to have lovely black hair with perfect black shine? Select ayurvedic hair care to experience remarkable difference in your hair. So, what is ayurvedic hair care? It is a kind if holistic treatment that is nearly 5,000 year old originated from India. The concept of ayurvedic and its care is becoming popular world wide. Ayurvedic holistic treatment is very popular at beauty salons, spas and as alternative living. With right ayurvedic care your hair will not only become strong, but also improve in luster and color. Ayurvedic hair care helps in addressing hair problems and provides you with the benefits in long terms. But you must remember few points regarding ayurvedic hair care. Firstly, you must follow the hair care routine daily to enjoy its long term benefits. Secondly you must ensure that you have selected the right combination of ingredients for your hair care. Read more to find out the right ayurvedic hair care for different hair problems.
Ayurvedic hair care for dandruff
This is of the common hair problems. When dry skin flakes appears all over the scalp along with itching it is known as dandruff. To treat dandruff the remedy offered by ayurvedic is simple and easy.
Combine half cup of neem or coconut oil and one teaspoonful of camphor. Store the mixture in clean glass container and massage the oil every alternative day on scalp and hair. Leave it over night and rinse thoroughly in the morning.

Take one teaspoonful each of mustard, coconut oil and castor oil and massage gently all over the scalp. Leave for two hour and wash off with mild herbal shampoo.

Mix half lemon juice with coconut oil and massage from root to tip of the hair. Wash off with lukewarm water after few hours.
Ayurvedic hair care for hair loss
When the proportion of hair loss becomes more that hair growth, the problem is referred as hair loss. It can occur due to hereditary factors, hormonal problem, inadequate diet and medicinal and chemical side effects. You can use these ayurvedic hair care to get rid of hair loss problem.
Massage your scalp daily with almond or coconut oil until the scalp has absorbed the oil.

Neem is excellent in treating hair loss. Boil a handful of neem leaves in a liter of water and simmer until it turns half. Strain the water and use after every hair wash.

Take care of your diet and include more intake of fresh vegetables and protein rich diet like soya, milk, fish and white meat.
Ayurvedic hair care for premature graying
W Graying is natural process of body that occurs with age. But with so many changes in lifestyle, premature graying is fast becoming a common problem. But thanks to the power of ayurved that can help in combating this problem.
Grate fresh ginger and mix with honey. Take this everyday in empty stomach.

Make a paste from henna powder, fenugreek seeds, curd, mint juice and apply over the hair and scalp. Keep for two hours ans wash off with mild shampoo.

Ayurvedic Day Spa

The benefits and advantages of ayurved is immense. A holistic approach of treatment, it originated in India and thus gradually spread across the world. In today fast and rapid life style, it is extremely important to rejuvenate and feel relaxed. Stress has become a part of our daily life and thus to live healthy, rewinding is must. That’s what ayurvedic day spa offers. Here ayurvedic body and skin care products are used to provide your special and customized needs.

What is ayurvedic day spa?

As the name implies, ayurvedic day spa is a kind of spa where you can book different kinds of ayurvedic spa treatments all day long. If you are wondering where to find such spa, you will be surprised to learn that ayurvedic day spa is spread all over the world. Your every kind of spa treatments is provided by following the treatments of ayurved. Whether you want full body massage or body scrub or body and hair treatments, ayurvedic day spa has much more to offer you that your expectations. With different kinds of ayurvedic spa treatments, your sense and your soul will receive a new life.

Different kinds of ayurvedic spa treatments

Ayurvedic treatments comes in different types and different forms. The main aspect of these treatments are they are powerful to address to each problem individually and helps in healing also. Thus, know about ayurvedic spa treatments in details and find out which is the right one for you.

  • Abhyanga: In ayurved, massage holds a special place and thus in ayurvedic day spa treatments you will come across menu of spa massages. Thus, abhyanga is friction massage delivered in synchronization of two massage therapists. Here, warm herbal oil is combined with hot towel treatment. During the massage, the oil penetrates deep into the pores of skin and helps the body in losing toxins.
  • Gandharva Therapy: The massage intends to give you perfect meditative experience. The therapy is quite interesting as the energy of sound therapy is used for re balancing and rejuvenating spirit, body and mind. A crystal singing bowl is used in this therapy.
  • Marma Therapy: A therapy where pure essential oils are used in a way that releases subtle energy in restoring and balancing the soul and the senses. In this therapy, the massage concentrates on parts where mind and the body communicates with each other. This ensures better connection between them and develop an intimate link between the two.
  • Oshadi Treatments: It is a treatments that heals the body from head to toe. The term “oshadi” is a Sanskrit word. It means medicinal. It is a kind of wrap where the therapists first massages a combination of oils all over the body and then wraps the entire body with different kinds of herbs, so that the body feels encouraged to eliminate the toxins.
  • Shirodhara: One of the most relaxing treatment offered by ayurveda. Here, a stream of soothing warm oil is poured over the head, right in the center. It helps in calming the nervous system of the body and integrates the body and mind.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Are you suffering from common cold and cough? Or small cuts and burns? Ayurvedic home remedies are there to help you in dealing with these problems? In ayurvedic home remedies a blend of common spices and herbs are used to deal common diseases and small cuts and burns. Along with the combination of regular herbs in the form of powder, juices, paste and infusion ayurvedic home remedies also prescribes some exercises and massaging techniques. It is interesting to note that aromas, colors, cleansing therapies and even gems are used.

The ayurveda tells that home remedies consist of ingredients that are daily used in home and have medical use also. If you are wondering what those ingredients are here comes the list. Clove, black pepper, cinnamon, fennel, cumin, turmeric, rock salt, ginger, coriander, licorice, honey, onion, garlic , mint and basil. The list is just the beginning. There are other ingredients also that are used in ayurvedic home remedies like dry fruits, edible oil etc as all have healing and medicinal properties.

Ayurvedic home remedies for sunstroke

Sunstroke can lead to death if not acted on time. When heat waves attack the body, it results in sunstrokes. But one can handle sunstroke with ayurvedic home remedy. Ensure that the person is lied in straight position. Cut a raw onion and place it all over the forehead. You can also use raw mango juice with salt and sugar. The patient must drink this for thrice in a day for a week. It will help in faster recovery. Another perfect way of restoring from sunstroke is to asking the patient to smell raw onions. Sunstrokes occurs due to excessive loss of fluids from the body. Thus, ensure that patient is taking plenty of fluids and liquids. For speedy recovery ice can play an important role. Thus, put an ice pack on the forehead of the patient.

Ayurvedic home remedies for nose bleeding

Nose can bleed because of various reasons like accidents, high blood pressure or due to hot and humid temperature. There are people who panic because of nose bleeding. Thus, one must try to be calm and cool. Dip a clean bandage in ice cold water and apply all over the nose and forehead. If the cause of bleeding is due to heat, this remedy will work immediately. Another effective ayurvedic home remedy for nose bleeding is to intake crushed and sweetened rose petals twice daily.

Ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting

The main causes of vomiting are intake of excessive food, pregnancy and acidity. The extracts of mint and fennel in liquid form is advised to taken twice in a day. Sometimes, bad or foul smell of the surroundings causes to vomit. Thus, mix thymal, clove and peppermint to keep in mouth to get rid of uneasiness. For vomiting due to pregnancy take decoction of powdered coriander leaves, cardamom, fennel leaves boiled with water. Taken twice in a day for daily helps effective manner. Water boiled with ginger with drops of lemon and pinch of sugar helps a lot.

Ayurvedic Herbal Plants

Ayurveda is powerful. Ayurveda can heal in natural way. Ayurveda can protect the body and skin in natural way without hampering your skin. So, have you ever wondered that what is the source of so much power of ayurvedic? Herbal plants. For ages, ayurveda has identified the secret healing power of plants and has advised that which plants or combination of more can be used for different kinds of skin problems or diseases. For ages it has been proved that fresh green and leafy vegetables are beneficial for body and health and strengthens them. In fact, widely popular cartoon character Popeye’s secret of strength is fresh spinach. In ayurveda also spinach is recommended as daily diet to keep diseases at bay. It is said that greens are enriched with rich vitamins and minerals. Other than including green in your daily diets, the extracts of various plants are used in different skin and body care products.

Different kinds of ayurvedic herbal plants and its uses

  • Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is mild herbal plant that probably originated from North Africa. The plant is very thick and clear gel like substance comes out when it is broken. This gel has got healing and medicinal properties and fights effectively the oily skin problem. Uses: For treating minor burns, aloe vera holds a special place in ayurveda. With cooling and soothing properties it helps in healing sunburn and skin infections. The gel of aloe vera is so useful that you will find dozens of skin care and cosmetic products made from aloe vera gel.
  • Basil: Basil is soft and tender herbal plant, originated in India. The leaves and stems of this plant provides a nice aromatic smell. The best time for harvesting basil is autumn. In Hindu religion, basil is sacred plant that is known to protect the family from evils. Uses: Basil is wonderful in treating pimples and black heads. It has got antiseptic properties that clears the skin and makes it glowing if used daily. You can find many face washes that are enriched with basil or tulsi extracts as it is called.
  • Calendula: Calendula is another herbal plant that comes with bright yellow or orange flowers. From autumn to spring, this herbal plant grows very easily. Calendula is very attractive plant that are used for decoration purposes also because of its attractive look. Uses: In ayurveda, calendula is adored for its rich medicinal properties. It works like magic on severe skin problems like itching and eczema. It also helps in fighting with blemishes and making the skin smooth and soft.
  • Bergamot: This herb is known for its sweet smell. The herb is popular with nectar-seeking birds and bees. The appeal of aroma of bergamot has made a special place in the ayurveda. Uses: The extracts of bergamot is used in different ayurvedic spa treatments for relaxing and rejuvenating tired senses. There are many types of body washes that uses bergamot extracts and oils for relaxing and cool bath.

Ayurvedic Hair Growth

Let us share some secrets of the Ayurvedic hair growth. As per Ayurveda, only a routine hair care system enhances the health and beauty of hair. Hair requires nourishment as much as your skin and body does. Would you wait for the time when your hair starts falling? Or do you want your hair to be permanently damaged before you actually start taking care of it? Your delay would make your damages permanent.

Ayurveda recommends oil massage. If your massage oil is infused with nourishing herbs you can retain the beauty of your while maintaining the length. Your scalp and the root of your hair remains nourished, which ensures healthy growth of hair. Again, massaging oil on your scalp ensures proper blood circulation and a completely relaxed nervous system. This works towards total good health.

If you did not know, oil massage is customized and personalized as per requirement. Your hair might be different from that of your friends. So the massage you two will receive would be different. For example if you posses thin hair which is also frizzy and dry with split ends, it is called Vata hair. Hair that is thinning and graying prematurely is a Pitta-predominant. Thick and oily hair is the Kapha as referred to in Ayurveda. Hence, all the three kinds have their own set of treatments.

Ayurvedic head and hair massage

Ayurvedic hair growth is the result of Ayurvedic treatment to your scalp and hair. A warm herbal oil massage, once a week, can bring about sheer beauty and bounce in your hair. However, for Vata hair, such massage is requires at least thrice in a week.

Advantages of an Ayurvedic hair treatment

There are various advantages of an ayurvedic head and hair massage. Check out what are they.

  • The massage conditions and lubricates you scalp. This prevents flake formation without the use of any harsh chemical product on your hair and scalp. Stress reduced the blood circulation in your head which disables an makes the scalp tighter. As a result hair growth decreases. Massaging your head with warm oil enhances blood circulation in the neck and head while adding to the benefit of your hair.
  • Your hair grows stronger and becomes unbreakable. The roots are nourished which ensures further and thicker hair growth. The shafts grow thicker and stronger too. Your hair becomes more playful.
  • Herbal nutritional value adds volume to your hair and it feels softer and pliable too.
  • Frizzy hair becomes more organized and manageable.
  • It instills natural oils to your hair which adds to the sheen.
  • Ayurvedic oil is also a natural healer. It conditions your hair so well that after shampooing your hair feels new and alive.
  • Certain content of Ayurvedic oils help to protect your hair from the sun. The UV rays not only damage skin but also your hair. So you have to be careful.
  • This is again a great way to get rid of split ends. Damaged hair receives the required replenishment and nourishment.

For Ayurvedic hair growth you can use the following products:

  • Brahmi
  • Amalaki
  • Bhringaraj
  • Hibiscus
  • Neem
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender and many more.