Bath and body

Bath time is your personal luxury time. Getting prepped up for work, or unwinding at the end of the day. Great bath and body products make a difference.

Start the day with an invigorating shower. End the day with a relaxing bath and body ritual. Shower or bath, followed by a wonderful moisturizer all over. Clothe yourself in soothing scents for a sweet night’s sleep, or invigorating fragrances for a night out in town.

These are some of the bath and body products I’ve tried, and my reviews on these bath and body products.

Avalon Organics Deodorant Lavender

This is a mild deodorant with essential oil that soothes your skin. You can actually use it after waxing or even using a depilatory cream. That’s the main thing I find going for it. While other deodorants sting if used right after hair removal, this one’s ok.

This is free of parabens, propylene glycol or other harsh chemical additives.

Ingredients in Avalon Organics Deodorant

  1. Certified organic lavandula angustifolia
  2. calendula officinalis
  3. chamomilla recutita (chamomile)
  4. camellia sinensis (green tea) extracts
  5. polysorbate 20
  6. certified organic aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice
  7. hydroxyethylcellulose
  8. bisabolol (chamomile)
  9. ethylexyglycerin
  10. certified organic lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil

Sounds great. But as for deodorizing effects, it’ll work with someone who does not need a strong deodorant. It is mild on all counts, but the smell is relaxing.

Avalon Organics shower gel

One thing that drew me to the Avalon Organics shower gel range is that is does not contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate. That was at my most health conscious moments, when I’d listen to every urban myth and avoid anything that has bad word of mouth going on. These days, I don’t really care. I’ve read enough from those in the medical profession that SLS in soaps is ok.

Anyway, another thing Avalon Organics shower gel has going for it is its use of top quality organic ingredients. The quality is excellent. At one time, I used their entire range, or at least what I could get at a health store near my place of work.

The one I tried was the lavender shower gel. It was like bathing in soapy lavender water. The scent of lavender filled the shower whenever I used it. The fragrance is relaxing. I really looked forward to showering with this particular shower gel.

Avalon Organics Lavender bath and shower gel leaves skin really clean, and lightly scented with real lavender. I loved it.

Body butter

Nothing beats a good body butter after a shower. Especially when skin is parched. I like the ones from The Body Shop. They smell divine and leave skin so soft and smooth. Best of all, they do not make me itch.

While cocoa butter is the best for moisturizing. Oh and it is a great remedy for stretchmark prevention when you’re pregnant. I still prefer the fruity ones.

Actually, I like to indulge in the works. Use a soap that smells really yummy, then after rinsing that off, use one of these body scrubs to exfoliate your skin. Finally pat dry and smooth on a body butter. Now that’s bliss.

Chanel deodorant sprays

Chanel deodorant sprays are a practical and affordable way of wearing your favourite chanel perfume all day long. I once had a can of Chanel No.5 deodorant spray and used it all the time until every drop of that deodorant was gone.

Unlike some other deodorants I tried, this lasted the entire day. A spritz before leaving for work kept me free of unpleasant body odor and smelling of my favourite Chanel scent for the entire day. One of the best deodorants I’ve tried.

On the flip side, it is strong. A friend of mine loved the fragrance. She spritzed a little on her extremely sensitive skin and had rashes. So even though she loved the fragrance, she did not buy one for herself. Later she told me she’s allergic to alcohol and breaks out when she tries anything with alcohold.

Verdict: great for most people but not for people who are allergic to alcohol.

Dead sea mud

Now this is the dead sea mud I tried some time back. It is wonderful for a indulgent mud spa. Take a shower, wash your face and hair, dry yourself and smear it on. My face loved it. It sucked out the excess oil and the gunk from those clogged pores. Inspired by a Archie comic book where Veronica and Betty spent a day covered head to two in black mud, I applied it all over and let it dry.

The pros, skin felt so clean and soft after I washed it off. It is great for both the face and body.

The cons? The mess. Black stains everywhere. Everything I touched with my mud smeared skin was stained black. Even the towels were blackened. Great on the skin but not so great on the furniture. Also, that bag had to be sealed, which I did with muddy hands, which in turn smeared my toiletteries bag. While I was at it, I messed up the entire bathroom.

Still, the price is good. So’s the mud. You get value for your money. A worthwhile buy if you don’t mind the mess.

Dead sea salt

The curative power of the dead sea is legendary. A great way to soothe and even heal some skin diseases is to bathe daily in the dead sea. The mineral content in that water is incredibly high. Now you don’t have to travel there to enjoy the soothing, therapeautic effects of a dead sea soak. You can have that in your bath tub. Just dump a packet of dead sea salt in a bath tub filled with warm water and soak in it.

I bought these and tried them. Shower first, soap and rinse off all the dirt on your body. Shampoo and rinse hair. Then fill up the bath tub with warm water and pour in a packet of dead sea salt.

Soak for it for as long as you like and enjoy the wonderful effect it has on your skin. Let the minerals in it nourish your skin. Nowadays everything is new and improved. Some of these even have delicious scents added to make the experience even more delightful.

Dove body wash

My interest in Dove bath products started with the ads boasting that Dove soap is 1 quarter moisturizer, making it the most moisturizing soap you could use for your bath. I enjoyed using those soaps, back in the old days when I’d bathe with bars of soap.

Lately, I’ve taken to shower gels and body wash. Reason being that I lost my soap dish. The glass dish broke so we balanced a plastic dish on it instead. My husband uses that for his soap so I’d have to get another soap box to keep mine.

In the end, liquid soaps are so much more convenient and less of a headache.

I tried Dove body wash. Again, the emphasis is on its moisturizer content. I got the regular one and the firming one. What I loved in the soap bars are what I hate in these liquid soaps. I find them, especially the firming version, too oily. I still want to feel squeaky clean after a shower, not oily. The fragrance doesn’t thrill me either. It’s okay at best.

I’ll give it a pass. I prefer neutrogena rain bath instead.

Johnsons body lotion

As a little girl, I remember watching my aunt’s beauty rituals. She’d really take great care of her legs. Putting some sort of white mask on it and washing it off when dry. She also used johnson’s baby lotion. Her legs had that sheen from all the care.

In my youth, I’d use Johnson’s baby lotion on my legs as well. It imparted a healthy sheen and a softness to the skin. Though called a baby lotion, it is not just for babies. Grown women do well to care for their skin with that.

Nowadays, with all the demands of my family, I have hardly anytime to care for myself. My legs are getting dry and show their age. Maybe it is time to start massaging them with lotions like these again.

While most lotions make my skin itch, this one’s ok. The original doesn’t have much of a fragrance, then again, the unfragranced ones, or the ones that don’t smell too good seem to perform best. THen again, it could be my imagination.

There are new versions of Johnson’s baby lotion these days. The aloe vera version is a favourite of someone I know.

Johnsons Kids Head To Toe

My kids use Johnson’s Kids body wash, the head to toe version for convenience. Their grandma introduced it to them and they love the fragrances. It is convenient because the kids wet themselves, then lather on the fruity soapy liquid all over their hair, face and bodies, before rinsing off.

I tried it before out of curiousity. Not bad actually. The fragrances were delicious. Especially the watermelon version. I didn’t like the residue though. It left a slippery feel after rinsing. Probably meant to moisturize and protect the skin. I prefer the squeaky clean feeling. My kids love it though.

I’d say it is value for the money and for busy moms, its a boon. About as fool proof as you can get and you can leave the kids to shower themselves.

Neutrogena rainbath

Of the affordable shower gels my family uses, Neutrogena rainbath is our favourite. My husband who suffers from eczema can tell right away which shower gels are good and which are not. The good ones don’t make him itch. The great ones actually make his skin feel good. Rainbath is one of those he deems as great.

I’d go for the original rainbath whenever it is on sale. The way we use it, it wouldn’t last long. The fragrance is light, sweet but pleasant enough for everyone to use. It washes off completely without any residue and leaves skin feeling soft and silky. It gets rid off all the sweat, grime and smell effortlessly without irritating the skin. For us, we sweat a lot and live in a dusty area. Some of the gentle shower gels aren’t strong enough. We still stink after a shower. With Neutrogena rainbath, that problem is solved.

There are several versions of this delightful shower gel. Try them all and see which version you like best.

Peppermint foot lotion

I used to love this lotion in my single days, when I walked a lot. After a long day, nothing beat a long foot soak. A few drops of essential oil in some warm water in a basin large enough for my feet. That basin on a thick towel, at the foot of a comfortable chair and my feet soaking in that water. Feeling the tiredness melt away was bliss.

At the end of that pampering session, I’d dry my feet with a fluffy towel and then massage on the peppermint foot lotion. That cool minty fragrance would delight my feet. The delicious scent waft up my nose. That was heavenly.

You should get a bottle of peppermint lotion for yourself. Your feet would thank you for it.


I bought Strivectin because of all the things I read about it erasing the lines on the face. The box in front of me says nothing about usage on facial wrinkles. Strivectin-sd (striadril) – Intensive Repair For Existing Stretch Makrs (Striae Distensae).


Note that in the original packaging, there was no mention of this being an anti aging wrinkle cream.

I went through the back of the box to see how to use it.

It says :
Caution: For topical use only.
Before using Strivectin-SD on a regular basis, test Strivectin on a small area of your forearm. If extreme redness/rasg or itching occurs, discontinue use and call our customer service department.

I tested that on my skin. A little oily but no rash. No problems at all for me so I took that as the green light to go ahead.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Not for use by children under 18 years of age unless directed by a doctor. Not for use by pregnant or nursing women. Before using this product, consult your health-care provider..

None of these were a problem for me. Finally, the directions of use.


  • Begin with clean dry skin. Apply Strivectin-SD 3 times daily.
  • Use sparingly. Strivectin-SD is a concentrated formula.
  • Strivectin-SD penetrates immediately, leaving skin youthful, smooth and silky.


OK. No mention of where to put it. I took a shower and also washed and pat dry my face and then, massaged it into those laugh lines. It was oily. I should have paid attention to that as anything oily causes my skin to break out. I also massaged it onto my tummy. Instead of 3 times a day, I only had time to do it twice.

While other women see their lines disappear, I saw tiny little pimples form. That stuff clogged my pores. It was ok on my tummy where it was meant to be applied. As I didn’t have visible stretch marks then (I still hadn’t lost the pregnancy fat years after baby was born) I can’t tell much about its effectiveness on stretch marks. My laugh lines remained and I had pimples for it.

The verdict? Women with oily skin or acne prone skin should avoid applying this on their faces. Though no two women are alike, so what causes my skin to break out might give another woman glowing, youthful skin. It must work for many women as now, new Strivectin formulas are in the market specifically for use as antiaging facial skincare. Go for those formulas instead if you want to use strivectin on your face.

Note :  I have tried these bath and body products . It gives me comportable . But you may try more Bath and body products also.

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