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Curious about the products that claim to enhance your sexuality?

I’ve got a problem with PMS, depression and mood swings and have been searching for herbal supplements to help me with it, without resorting to antidepressants. Then I stumbled on a whole bunch of female supplements that would help. Problem is that they are female libido pills. Dare I take them?

After a horrendous bout of depression with PMS getting worse each month, I placed my order.

Since then, I’ve tested quite a few products targetted specifically for women. I even got my husband to test something for the guys.

I’m not that daring though. Only tested the milder ones. Some of the really strong stuff I’m curious about, from reading all the ads and testimonies, I dare not touch. I’m really curious if these claims are true and am still thinking of ways to persuade my newly married kid sister to try them with her husband.

Here are some products that i used to grow up my sexuality.

Herbal Prozac

I know, pills aren’t cosmetics but since this is a review site of everything I’ve every tried, I thought I’d include this anyway. I’ve been suffering from mood swings for ages. It has been getting worse. I know its a bad case of hormonal imbalance the way the lower half of my face is covered with acne. It gets worse during that time of the month.

As a teenager, I’d take 1000mg of evening primrose oil daily to deal with PMS. This time, that 1000mg a day dosage had no effect. I upped the dosage to 4000mg (the maximum dose is 3000mg but I didn’t care) just to get some relief. That’s 4 grams of pure fat and I already have a weight problem. I had to find an alternative.

Surfing the net, I came across cases of women who after 3 months on Provestra, found that their mood swings vanished. Provestra is a herbal supplement meant to boost a woman’s libido and it does so by balancing her hormones, from what I gather on the website. Makes sense. A woman with PMS wouldn’t have much of a libido. Get rid of the hormonal imbalance and her libido would return.

The list of ingredients in Provestra looked more like a multi-vitamin supplement for women with herbs like ginseng that help with overall energy. In fact, it contained most of the herbs I used to take for overall health, gingko for memory, which I bought but forgot to take most days anyway. A single supplement that contained everything a woman needs sounded very attractive. Best of all, it balances the hormones without adding any additional fat to the body. One of the ingredients is in fact used in weight loss supplements to burn fat.

I bought a pack and started taking it. Been on it for 18 days so far. I keep thinking of it as my herbal prozac. In fact, I survived the past 2 days without having to pop Evening primrose oil when prior to this I had to pop 4 grams a day worth of EPO to get over the mood swings.

Bear in mind that this is a libido pill and the libido boosting effects increase with time, with the full effect felt after 3 weeks. I underestimated that part of it initially but figured how to get around it. The libido boost happens an hour after taking the pill. I get up in the morning, to get the kids ready to school. When they’re gone, I pop the pill then go to sleep. By the time it kicks in, I’m sound asleep. I wake up in time to enjoy the energy boost for my daily activities, business, housework etc and have more energy than before on Provestra.

I ordered a few more boxes of this and intend to take it on a longterm basis, replacing all my other vitamin supplements with just this one pill.. and some vitamin C.

Maxoderm Connection

I’ve read several reviews about maxoderm connection and wondered what it was really like. When my HFR4her order arrived, it came with a sample tube of Maxoderm Connection. I wasn’t that impressed with the literature that came with it or the website. According to the literature, it is a cream both the man and woman can use during sex for a more intimate experience, improving the intimacy in the relationship.

The instructions says to follow the program, you apply at least 4 times in week 1, 5 in weeks 2 and 3, 6 in weeks 4-6, 5 times in week 7-8, 4 times in weeks 9-10, 3 times in weeks 11 & 12. A dime sized amount on the clit for women, a quarter sized on the men. Within weeks 10 and 12 you’d see an incredible boost in sensation, orgasm intensity and frequency. I didn’t expect much effect if you need to follow a schedule like that to work.

Maxoderm Connection – Increased Stamina and Orgasm

I constantly look out for lifestyle products to review on my site. This looked mild enough for the unadventurous to test, so I decided to try it out. Sounded like a chore. I’d thought I’d have to wait 12 weeks to see the effect.

I told my husband about it. I needed his help if I was going to review it. Since it is meant for men and women to use, I applied it on him first. He didn’t find anything other than a burning minty feeling. He’s never had a problem with getting it up or hard, so I can’t tell much difference on whether it does what it claims. He prefered the vigrx oil I bought for him to try a while back. Vigrx oil makes him feel more romantic.

I was going to apply it on myself but he advised me against it as for him, it was like putting menthol on his privates. I went ahead anyway, just so I’ll have something to report. I applied it as directed and massaged it in. There was that cool – warm -hot feeling of mint. I was squirming, moaning and got extremely aroused. I just went completely wild. He was shocked at my reaction. I lost all my inhibitions. What followed was *censored*

Needless to say, he was totally impressed with the product and wanted to know what it was. We’ve been married for a decade and I’ve always been inhibited in bed. This was the first time I’ve been so.. sexy, as he put it. He was so amazed with the effect Maxoderm Connection had on me and went on talking about it the next morning.

I’ll get another tube when this runs out. This is fantastic. For women who have intimacy problems in the bedroom with your husbands, this is the product to get. The difference is astounding. Funny thing is that it had no effect on him. It should be marketed as a product for women or as something husbands can get for their wives.

Moisturizer for men

I’m always on a lookout for a great skin care product. With a special interest in ingredients that heal the skin. You know the story about Strivectin. How women all over the world ended up using a stretch mark cream on their faces to erase wrinkles and it worked. Now Strivectin is used as an anti-aging face lotion rather than as a stretchmark cream it was originally designed for.

Have you heard about Vigrx oil?

It is marketed everywhere as an erection oil to be applied on the male organ. A topical viagra. My eyes nearly popped out when I took a closer look at the ingredients. Some of the ingredients are very precious plant derived ingredients that goes into the most expensive skincare solutions. That oil is full of skin healing ingredients and the list looks more like a very expensive face cream than a male enlargement oil. Yes, that’s one of the claims. Use it on the male organ for an erection in 60 seconds and prolonged use would make it even bigger.

I stared at the list of ingredients again. Aloe vera gel – that is reknown for its skin healing properties. Used to beautify the skin and heal a whole bunch of skin problems. Shea butter (excellent for stretch marks) and olive squalene and apricot kernel oil nourish the skin. Hyaluronic acid is found in the best skin care products for its moisturizing abilities. It hydrates the skin. Biosomes are stuff you’d find in the latest skin care products as well. And where is this to be applied?

Down there?

It figures. Men treat that thing like gold. Some of those ingredients belong in an anti-aging facial moisturizer or body lotion.

I bought a bottle out of curiousity, but considering the way it is marketed, I chickened out. Thought I’d better use it as directed. As I don’t have the goods, I used it on my unsuspecting husband instead, rattling off the list of impressive skin healing ingredients. Going on about how the top beauty products women include some of the ingredients in this little lotion. As we share the same bed, I slipped some on him, applying it only where it is meant to go. He found it very soothing. Oily, but it felt good, though he has an aversion to oil. It had exact the effect the ads talked about.

Can’t tell if it has an antiwrinkle, or antiaging effect on the skin as that sort of effect requires the product to be used consistently over time. Husbands and wives do what they do in private. Hours later, he questioned me again about what I’d put on him. It was still hard and looked bigger than normal to him. I told him it’ll wear off eventually. There aren’t any side effects other than a possible increase in size in the long run if the ads are to be believed. Other that than, it was great for his skin down there. I’d use it on him more often. LOL.. even ordered a couple more bottles for him.

Verdict. This isn’t the next Strivectin and I don’t think its a good idea to use it on the face. I wouldn’t dare use it that way anyway. Vigrx oil does what the ads say.

Pueraria mirifica supplements

I started taking puearario mirifica supplements less than 3 weeks ago. I purchased the Type A breast promo package from Phuket Herb to test it out. The package as a whole works as it claims. Breasts got fuller in the first 2 weeks, even without the pills. Fullness was followed by firmness. Taking the pills seemed to add to the effect.

That aside, the pills are supposed to clear the skin, to improve the health of skin and hair. I’m losing hair. It will take some time to see if it helps with hair loss as well as skin clearance. My skin is clearer, but I’ve started using topical antibiotics prescribed by the doctor and a low dosage steroid cream to fade the scars. Skin improvement is likely to be due to the medication, so it isn’t a fair test.

The first pueraria mirifica pill is to be taken on the first day of the period, for 15 days, and stopped for 15 days before the pill taking cycle begins again. My cycle is a month. Yet 2 days after I took the last pill (17 days after my menstruation started) my period came again.

I was a little worried and read up about this. This is a common effect. When you first start taking Pueraria mirifica supplements, your body has to adjust to the potent phytoestrogens found in it and period could be delayed or brought forward.

So far so good. Other expected benefits include being in a better mood (if it works on PMS it would get rid of those crappy mood swings). This time around, I did not get that depression that’s on the brink of being suicidal (I’m not joking. It is that bad). I still was in a bad mood but it wasn’t as severe as usual. Could be the pueraria mirifica, or the provestra kicking in. Women who took provestra for at least 3 months have found their PMS symptoms vanishing. I’ve taken it for slightly more than month and my moods are better.

Puerarian breast mask

There are a number of breast lifting masks in the market, meant to tighten the skin, soften the skin and make breasts look better.

How many of these masks boast of breast enhancing properties?

I found some really cool breast beauty products at Phuket Herbs and bought the type A package. These contain Pueraria mirifica, the herb with the most potent breast enlarging properties known today.

This package includes the Puerarian breast mask to be applied nightly. It is supposed to have anti-aging properties on the breast, firming and lifting the breasts as well as tightening the skin supporting the breasts. The package says that this product has a high success rate for enhancing women breast. For all skin types.

It is to be applied on clean skin at bed time and massaged in for 10 to 15 minutes. The white clay mask dries to a chalky finish if you apply a substantial amount of it. If you apply less, you can massage it in until it is absorbed or is hardly visible on the skin.

It does firm that area up, tightening the skin, at least that’s what I notice in the morning. Looks like a good mask to use if your breasts need a lift.

Puerarian breast serum

Puerarian breast serum contains pueraria mirifica extract which is known for its high phytoestrogen content. This breast serum makes breasts fuller and firmer. Someone contacted Phuket Herbs to ask which of their breast enlargement products is the most effective. Turns out that this is the product to use if you want bigger breasts.

I ordered the type A package for breast care from Phuket herbs. This breast serum is included in that package. It is to be applied every morning, massaged into the breasts in circular motions. In the 2 weeks that I used this, breasts seem fuller. Especially minutes after the massage with the serum. Too soon to gauge its true effectiveness. It takes 3 to 4 months on this package to see the maximum results. That means applying the serum, mask and spray daily without missing a day, as well as taking the pueraria mirifica for 15 consecutive days each month. After that, the procedure should be continued for 2 more months to keep the results.

Some women have seen and increase in their breast size of up to 3 inches. At the same time, 10% of the women who use it see no results.

The interesting thing about these products is that they have male customers, people born male who went for the operation to become female, who used these products and actually grew breasts.

Puerarian Breast Spray

A spray for breast beauty?
Sounds interesting. This one contains pueraria mirifica, the herb known in natural breast enlargement circles as the most effective herb for breast enlargement. I got this spray from Phuket Herb. This is supposed to be one of the products that gives the fastest results as it has a high concentration of Pueraria Mirifica.

I tried it and absolutely love the scent. Smells like blue jasmine and I don’t know what else. Anyway, the scent is both relaxing, and intoxicating. It is a little citrusy… a floral fragrance with a hint of fruity notes. There’s no breakdown on the ingredients list that tell me what the components of the fragrance are but it smells as good as the perfumes from Estee Lauder or any of the cosmetic houses with classic perfumes.

I used it for two weeks which isn’t used it long enough to see any enlargement effect. Still, breasts seem fuller after use. Right now, I love it for the scent. Would get some more once I run out of it, for use as a personal fragrance.

Vigorelle lust cream

While researching provestra, I came across vigorelle which is recommended for use with provestra in the treatment of female sexual dysfunction. Frigidity, lack of interest in sex and such things can cause major problems in a marriage. Also, when you buy provestra, you get 20% off vigorelle and vice versa. Out of curiousity, I got vigorelle as well.

Before a session with my husband, I applied a little as directed. It started off with a cool minty feeling that turned warm and insanely horny. Shocking. My husband wondered what got over me. He knew I was taking supplements for my PMS which relieved him as my mood swings, depression and PMS were really driving him up the wall, leading to more fights to the point that life was one big fight. What I daren’t tell him was that the supplements I’m taking to balance my hormones and fight PMS is actually a libido pill. Since I was at it, might as well try the cream that is marketed with it.

Actually, the results aren’t so dramatic the first few times, but after taking provestra for almost a month, and using vigorelle during this period, the effects seem to escalate. The herbs seem to build up in the system, leading to a stronger reaction each time vigorelle is used. Anyway, if the initial reaction isn’t enough, or seems to wear off you can apply a little more until you get the effect you want.

Let’s say I enjoyed it with vigorelle so much I ordered more so I won’t run out. Since I’m on this I’ve got to figure out how to get him to cooperate, so I got vigrx oil to slip onto him. He’s not complaining too much, other than we’re wearing each other out and there’s so much work that’s left undone because of all this new stuff. I tell him I’m doing this to have something to write about in my review sites.

I’d say Vigorelle delivers, but the initial effect seems to wear out after 20 minutes or so, which misled me into another application… and then another, leading to an overdose, with the residual effects lasting throughout the day, even after the session ends. I don’t know whether it is the provestra, or residual effect of repeated applications of vigorelle that seem to go on forever. It is rather distracting with all the work I’ve got to do. If I pounce on my husband one more time, I’d kill him from exhaustion.. even though he’s still in his prime and was an athlete some years back.

One thing’s for sure. He’s stopped complaining about me being frigid, dry, more interested in the computer than in him etc.

If you do have plenty of fights because of pms, mood swings, or your marriage seems to be on the rocks, I’d suggest you give provestra, vigorelle and vigrx oil a shot, and spend as much time as possible together for that month you try these out.

Don’t underestimate vigorelle. A little goes a long way. Especially when used with provestra.

Just received a HFR for her package from another order to test for the slimming section of this site. The store sent with it a free gift of maxoderm connection. Still wondering whether to test that out to write a review on it for this site. That test would stretch for at least a month.. And I still have yet to test the virgin cream for a scheduled review… Hoo boy. I’ll stick to reviews on something less traumatic next time… or trick my sister into being a guinea pig?

Note : Every person has different hormon for sexuality. So, different people can grow sexuality with different products. Thats why i show you other sexuality producs too,

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