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Fall smoky eye makeup

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Smoky eyes are sultry classics. They never go out of style. Women smoulder with smoky eyes. The problem is that with Fall 2007 and Winter 2007 fashion favouring black clothing, the usual darkly made up smoky eyes look too boring. Everything is black and severe. Black or dark gray eyeshadow would look… monotonous


How to apply blush


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The clever use of blusher can be the most effective, yet subtlest way of making even the plainest girl look lovely. A dash of color on pale or sallow skin does wonders for your appearance. A dark blush with a light one can be used as a shadow to sharpen one’s cheekbones. A coral blush used with a very light hand can make a girl look radiant.

how to apply eye make up

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Eye makeup can be simple to apply if you know how. If you want the full works, you would need

  • 3 to 5 eyeshadow colors
  • a white eye pencil
  • a dark (black for drama, brown for a lighter more natural look) eye liner
  • mascara
  • undereye concealer
  • eye makeup remover
  • eyebrow pencil

Sounds like a lot of work. Beauty does take work and your eyes are likely to be your most beautiful asset. The difference between nude makeup, dramatic eye makeup, smokey eye makeup, softly and eye makeup and radiant eye makeup suitable for a bride or a beauty pageant lies not so much in how much makeup you use but in the colors you pick and the way you line your eyes.

how to apply eye shadow

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Before you even begin applying eyeshadow, pick the colors that flatter you.

Ask yourself. What eye shadow is best for me? Look in the mirror and study your eyes. Are their flecks of color different from your main eye color? An eyeshadow in the color of those flecks would really bring out the beauty in your eyes. Alternatively, you could look at your main eye color as a guide.

Eye shadow for blue eyes
If your eyes are blue, then wearing blue eyeshadow in a shade that matches your eye color exactly would bring out the color in your eyes. That’s not the only color you can wear.

Besides a blue that matches your eyes exactly try these.

    • Brown, violet,mauver would accentuate the color in medium blue eyes.
    • Metallic eyeshadow like silver and gold will bring out the color in blue grey eyes.
    • Grey and navy would make blue green eyes look stunning

eye shadow for brown eyes

      • Brown eyes can take most warm colors. Browns, earth tones and moss green eyeshadow make brown eyes look even more stunning.

        • Hazel eyes look wonderful with green eyeshadow, with a touch of charcoal black eyeshadow in the crease and pale pink highlights.
        • Brown eyes look wonderful with brown eyeshadow, with green shades and peach or light pink highlights.
        • Dark brown eyes look great with mauve eyeshadow, with a touch of navy and some light yellow highlights.

These aren’t rules that are set in stone. Experiment with new makeup colors and you’d find more eyeshadow colors that would flatter you.

how to apply eyeliner

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Eyeliner is probably the most subtle, yet effective way to enhance your appearance. Done well, no one might even know you are using eye liner. There are even gorgeous guys in eyeliner. Manly guys with smouldering eyes. Except that that smoulder came from the bottle or pencil, yet no one might be able to tell.

Then there”s that natural beauty with stunning eyes, even though she doesn”t seem to wear a shred of makeup. Look carefully, she might be using eyeliner.

The trick to applying eyeliner so that your eyes stand out, yet you don”t look like you”re wearing eyeliner is to start with an eye pencil in the color that goes with your hair color. Use a black eyeliner if you have black hair, brown eye pencil if your hair is brown or red or blonde. Do this only if you have a steady hand and are very careful.

  1. Sharpen the pencil to a fine point. If the eye pencil is too soft, you might want to refrigerate it to make it easier to handle.
  2. Pull down your lower eyelid, and carefully, draw a line from the inner corner of your eye, on your lower lashline to the outer corner.

That”s it. You”re done. That line would define your eyes subtly. No one would even know you”re using makeup.

how to apply false eyelashes

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When worn correctly, false eyelashes make eyes look larger and much more glamorous. When worn wrongly, they look clearly fake — frightening in fact. So how do you wear fake lashes correctly?


how to apply lipstick

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You could apply lipstick by just slicking it on right from the tube, or you could apply it the way a professional makeup artist would paint her client’s lips. The first method would take under a second, but the results pale in comparison to the professional method which requires a lot more care.

Lipstick is applied after foundation and powder. Ideally with a lip brush. A lip pencil in a matching lip color would be good for outlining the lips.

First, pick the lipstick color you want. If you have three lipsticks that flatter your skin tone, one in a light shade, one in a medium shade and one in a dark shade, you can create your own unique color which you personalize just for yourself. Get a small metal spatula to scrape out a little lipstick from each tube and mix the colors on the back of your clean, dry hand until you get the exact shade you want. Then you are ready to begin.

how to apply makeup

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How do you begin your makeup application? Start with a smooth canvas that is blemish free. If you have great skin, a tinted moisturizer or a little loose powder is all you need. If not, there’s always concealer, foundation and powder to create that perfect canvas on which you can apply the rest of your makeup.

how to apply mascara

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Before you wear mascara, decide what kind of look do you want?. Would you prefer a look that’s dramatic? Do you want natural looking lashes, or dramatic colored lashes?

I like mascara ad lashes. Long, lush, thick and black. On a bare face or with nude makeup, really black luscious lashes look terrific.

Once you’ve decided what look you want, which mascara you want to use, take note how long has that bottle been open. Does it smell different? If smells different, throw it away. Buy a new tube. Mascara should be discarded three months after opening it as it can go bad. The last thing you want is to introduce bacteria into your eyes, causing an eye infection.

Next get ready either a eye lash comb or a clean, old mascara brush. You’ll need to that to separate your lashes. The last thing you want is clumpy lashes.

How to create lush brows

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After years of heavily plucked brows, eyebrows return with a vengeance. Now, thick, lush brows are the look for fall. Balanced with long, lush lashes, eye makeup for fall and winter is strong and sexy in a very daring way.

That”s great if you have naturally unruly brows but what if your brows are sparse?

How To Paint Your Nails For Fall And Winter

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When leaves fall from the trees and the skies darken, the cheerful color of Spring and Summer is soon forgotten. Fall and Winter fashion usually features plenty of black that reflects the somber mood. For Fall 2007 to Winter 2008, gray is the other big color. No doubt, these are livened up with a few pieces that are in jewel tones but overall, the color is drab.

Lip color that stays on

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How do you get lip color that really stays? I just bought new makeup recently.

I”m a lipstick fanatic and went straight for the lip glosses and multi-purposes sticks or lip crayons. You know, the ones that can be used on lips and eyes or lip and cheeks.

Anyway, I got a crayon to be used on lips and eyes. At checkout, I got a free gift of hi-shine lip treatment.

That, with my existing lipstick gave me all I need for natural looking lipcolor that really lasts. I mean I ates, splashed water on my mouth and patted it off and my lips still looked good. The color stayed on.

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